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Museum of Ho Chi Minh City


Activities with the Club

Activities with the Club “I love history”


            Since 2012, from the model of activities with the pilot club of the Vietnam National History Museum, the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City has organized the activities with the Club “I love history” for students from senior high school block, and obtained many good results.


            The Museum of Ho Chi Minh City coordinated with the Management Board of Tran Dai Nghia Senior High School for the Gifted, Bui Thi Xuan Senior High School, Ernst Thalman Senior High School to organize for 450 students to participate in the activities with the Club. Listening for 30 minutes to a commentary on the content on display at the Museum of the city which was the historical period of the resistance against the US for national salvation 1954-1975, illustrated with typical images, artifacts, helped them picture to themselves the knowledge compatible with the history textbook program. Then they were invited to participate in an exchange program, a quiz on topic “North-South reunion under one roof”, consisting of 3 parts: “Who is fast and who is right”; “History recognition” and “Crossword of history password”.


                        Through the club activities, most teachers of History and the students were very interested in this extracurricular activity program. These activities helped the students approach the History gently, cheerfully and effectively.



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