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Museum of Ho Chi Minh City


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“Journey through the timeline - Expanding knowledge"

at Museum Of Ho Chi Minh City


          Implementing the summer plan 2020 of Ho Chi Minh City with the theme "Summer is happy, healthy, rewarding, safe", Museum of Ho Chi Minh City cooperate with the Command Commission "Hoa Phuong Do volunteer campaign” Thu Duc District organized the program “Journey through the timeline - Expanding knowledge” with the participation of 150 volunteer soldiers from Nguyen Huu Huan High School.

          The program take place vigorously with experience activities at the Museum such as: Understanding the journey of more than 320 years of establishment and development of Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City; Conservation and promotion of local Intangible Cultural Heritage values; Contest questions about outstanding historical events through the declassification game; meet and exchange with Mr. Lam Quoc Dung - historical witness, participating in the resistance war against the American to save the country. This is not only a playground but also a learning and training environment to help students gradually improve themselves, accumulate lessons and practical experiences in life.

            Through each organized program, Museum of Ho Chi Minh City wish to contribute to historical tradition education, national cultural tradition, and to build the pride and responsibility of every Vietnamese, especially the young generation in the cause of building and defending the country.
            Some pictures of the program "Journey through the timeline - Expanding knowledge":
Updated on 27-07-2020
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