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Bronze seal “Ta quan chi an”


Object description

Marshal Le Van Duyet’s bronze seal was cast in 1802. The bronze seal had the shape of a flat square cube, including 3 parts: knob, back and seal façade. The seal knob was cast in the shape of a unicorn, with raising big head, round body, long tail. The seal back: At the two sides from the base to the back, there were 4 ribbons decorated with a fire scimitar cast in relief: the back was carved with pattern of waves. At the top there was an engraved word “King”. The facade (Seal base): The upper side of seal body was fine. On the left of the unicorn was engraved with 4 Han scripts “Ta quan chi an”. On the right, eight Han scripts were engraved “Nham Tuat trong xuan cat nhat giam tao”. On the lower side of the seal base, were cast in relief 4 Han scripts “Ta quan chi an” in the stylized Chinese character, arranged in 2 lines, each line with 2 words. The seal was discovered by Mr. Nguyen Van Minh when digging in his own garden in Huong Vinh Commune, Huong Tra District, Hue City in 1981. The seal was transferred to Museum of Ho Chi Minh City on April 14, 2001.

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